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Student Coin aims to change the future of the digital economy.

Student Coin is the first platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens.

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What is Student Coin

Student Coin

A blockchain-based project

A blockchain-based project

To introduce widespread tokenisation into the mainstream, Student Coin built the platform to easily create and develop personal, corporate, start-up and financial tokens.

Supported by students

Supported by students

Similar to Facebook at the beginning of its journey, Student Coin connects students and organisations from over 500 of the world’s best universities.

Fundamental values and cyclical payments

Fundamental values and cyclical payments

To back Student Coin by its fundamental value, STC token is based on the most efficient blockchain uses like transparency, value storage, payments, and regular cyclical payments.

Tool for everyone

Tool for everyone

Changing the world with the personal, DeFi and NFT tokens for everyone, Student Coin allows you to build and manage tokens as easily as a social media profile today.

Transparency and Legitimacy

Transparency and Legitimacy

To ensure longterm development and legitimacy, the Student Coin team is fully transparent while the project operates under European Union regulations.

Scalable platform and exchange

Scalable platform and exchange

To allow token building for every person, corporation, and project, STC created its ecosystem based on Ethereum and its own tokens exchange, developer terminal and a mobile app.

Why STC Token is the next big thing?

STC Token

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STC powers its own exchange

All of the tokens created with Student Coin will only be traded to STC Token at its own exchange.

STC Exchange

Stake STC and earn cyclical payments

STC can be staked to earn cyclical payments from the STC Exchange trading and crowdfunding fees.


STC powers the Token Terminal

The STC token will be used to create and manage tokens in the STC Terminal.

STC Terminal

STC is a central currency

STC is a reference currency for all tokens in the network. By holding STC, the investor is holding part of every token ever created with the Student Coin.

Join the STC Community

STC Token

Become the STC Token Holder and join the growing Student Coin's community. You can purchase STC Token using major cryptocurrencies at Coinbase Commerce or using debit/credit card at AdvCash Checkout. The STC Tokens will be credited to your STC Wallet account accordingly to the best available exchange price.

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Core Student Coin Team


The Student Coin team consists of 44 people from 12 countries. The team is divided into the Core Team Leaders, Technical Team, Marketing Team, STC Ambassadors, and the Advisory Board. Here are the selected members of the Core Team and the Advisory Board.

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Blockchain Capital Group

Blockchain Capital Group

Student Coin Founder, specialised in cryptocurrency research, author of the books "Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia: the comprehensive guide through the 100 most important cryptocurrencies" and "Advanced Technical Analysis The Complex Technical Analysis of Asset".

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Andrew PhD

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Stanford University

Stanford University

Lecturer at the Department of Strategy at Kozminski University, and a graduate of the Top500 Innovators program at Stanford University. Co-founder and author of the "Warsaw Technology Accelerator" and program.


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